Movies, TV Shows, Concerts, Music and more

How MediaElch can help you to manage your collection


MediaElch is a media manager which helps you to organize and manage your movies, tv shows and concerts and even to insert them in Kodi.

Movies, tv shows, concerts, music

Scrape information and images from one (or multiple) of our supported sites. All information can also be edited on your own. Genre, certifications and movie sets can be managed globally.
Our extensive filter and view solutions will help you to always find what you are looking for.

Fanart, Trailer, TV Themes

Fanarts can be scraped from Downloading tv themes, watching trailers and downloading them has never been easier.


Import your new movies, tv shows and concerts directly into your directory structure. We have integrated MakeMKV to easily import blu rays and dvds.


The Movie DB, IMDB, Media Passion, Cinefacts, OFDB, Videobuster, The TV DB, The Audio DB,,


Artwork can be downloaded with all scrapers and also from


Watch and download trailers directly from MovieMaze and


Always keep your collection organized with MediaElchs rename function.


Filter for movies without poster, of specific director, which are HD, which you have not watched yet and much more.

Platform independent

You are using OS X, Linux or Windows? No problem: MediaElch is natively available for all these platforms. MediaElch doesn’t just integrate nicely in its environment but is also fast.


You want to show your collections to your friends? With MediaElch you can export your whole collection to HTML websites. Just choose one of our integrated themes or build your own.


Export your collection directly to Kodi or get the last viewed date and play count from Kodi. MediaElch is also compatible with the plugins Movie Set Artwork Automator and TV Tunes.

Curious? What are you waiting for?

Download MediaElch now for free and check out all its functions.