“The next big thing”

While MediaElch 2.4 is just around the corner and brings a lot of improvements and some nice new features (have a look at the downloads page for a list of changes), I’m already thinking about the next big feature which will find its way into MediaElch.

Right now I have three things in mind:

1. Music file tagging and renaming

MediaElch is already able to scrape information and images of artists and albums. One thing that’s missing is the ability to tag and rename music files. I think there are already some good tagging applications out there but an integration into MediaElch could make this faster and easier.

2. Trakt.tv support

I know many of you are using trakt.tv to track your watched movies and tv show episodes. Maybe it will be a great option to sync your trakt.tv data to MediaElch.

3. Direct synchronization with Kodi

While MediaElch is already able to get the watched state from Kodi and save it to your nfo files and make Kodi update your library, the whole progress is not really nice and could be made more efficient. MediaElch could directly update your Kodi database through Kodis API. This means hitting the save button in MediaElch would also automatically Kodis database. Or selecting a movie/episode/concert entry in MediaElch would automatically show the watched state and date. (Kodi needs to be running)

Please vote for the feature you want to see in MediaElch (vote is open until 1st of December)! If you think there’s a big thing missing please tell me your ideas at our community forums!

Update: The poll is closed now and we have a winner! :)

What should be "The next big thing" in MediaElch?

  • Music file tagging and renaming (25%)
  • Trakt.tv support (9%)
  • Direct synchronization with Kodi (67%)
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